Mr Alex Macharia is an accountant by profession who decided to do GIF business on a full time basis. He joined the business as a student at The University of Nairobi and decided not to  look for a job after clearing his university education because he believes so much in the power of the internet as a means of creating fortunes . Today he is one of our GIF top trainers and making a job replacing income.


Francis Karanja is a young gentleman who was working as a sales representative with Moveon Distributors dealing with liquor before joining GIF.  He came across the GIF opportunity when he was looking for some extra cash and a better paying job since he was not earning enough to meet his basic needs coupled with harsh working conditions like heavy work load, long working hours, a harsh boss etc. He quite the job and that is when he came across GIF business which he started doing on a full time basis and today he is definitely on his way to time and financial freedom – earning over Ksh 50,000/= per month.


Ariel Sasha is an accountant by profession. She started the business during her last semester in college and after graduating she decided not to look for a job. This decision was informed by the unemployment crisis in Kenya and also low wages offered in most jobs.  Today she is making more than what employers in the job market pay for her level of education and experience and she is definitely building her own economy.


Pauline is a Procurement and Supply Chain Professional. She joined GIF  at a point in time when she was looking for some income as a student and decided to build her business full time right after graduation.  Her reason to stick to GIF after clearing her studies was informed by her strong belief in the power of leverage that Network Marketing offers and teamwork practiced in the business. She saw an opportunity where she could achieve her dreams in a short period of time and as a matter of fact within 11 months , she is earning an average of ksh.80,000 monthly.


Caroline Mwende joined GIF right after graduating from the university at a point when she was looking for a job. Initially she didn’t believe much in the business since she had subscribed to the common socialization whereby a child is born and told to “go to school, get good grades, get a good job and finally get rich”. As she did the business she was still writing CVs so she managed to get a job with a local NGO. She later realized that one can never achieve dreams by working for someone else but by being their own boss and taking full control of one’s time and finances. After working for 8 months she decided to ‘fire her boss’ and build her GIF business on a full time basis. Today she is achieving her dreams online and helping others do the same. Fortune favors the bold.



Madam Jackie Mwende is a professional teacher who decided to quite teaching after joining GIF. This decision was informed by the potential she saw in Online/Networking business  and the not so favorable working conditions in the teaching job. Currently Jackie is making a job replacing income and has no plans of going back to her teaching career


Kevin Onyango used to work with a certain company that deals with flowers as a Screener earning Ksh.25,000 gross income per month.  He was invited for training at GIF and saw an opportunity to earn more money and enjoy time freedom. He started doing the business on part time and two months later he quit the job in order to do the business full time. Currently he is making over Ksh.120,000 per month.


Ibrahim Arandi is an engineer by profession. Before joining GIF he owned a Dry Cleaning business. In partnership with a friend they took a bank loan using his business as the guarantee for the loan. His partner later disappeared and he had to pay the loan single handedly and this led to the collapse of his business. It was while searching for an alternative source of income that he came across a GIF business advert on facebook, attended a GIF training and joined the business.  Doing the business full time, he is currently earning Ksh.200,000 per month.