How SBC Works

💲1. ⏳We are an Web Hosting & Online⏰⏰ Marketing Company that Sells Domains, Web Hosting, Blogs/Websites through the Referral Marketing (Network Marketing) Model.

💲 2 .⏳Our Goal is to Build the Largest Community of Professional Bloggers and Online Marketers in Africa and Beyond by leveraging the Power of the Internet, Online Marketing & Referral Marketing.

💲3. ⌛To this End We have assembled a Complete Suite of Online Marketing Tools and Services and rolled them into One Powerful Online Network Marketing Program.


💲4.⏳We are committed to Providing Innovative and Value Based Products to our customers. To Our Agents/Resellers we Provide a Powerful Business System that ensures Duplication and Fast Steady Business Growth to help them make Money Online with the  Reseller Program.


💲5.⏳Through the Powerful Reseller Program our agents can Earn a “Job Replacing Income” of between $500 – $2,000 Monthly Income working Part Time or full Time.