About Kevin

Kevin Amira is currently a third year student at Maseno University undertaking a degree in Information Technology. Apart from that, i am a newbie in online entrepreneurship. When this chance came by i grabbed it with both hands having in mind the current growth in technology.

Robert T Kiyosaki, a great network marketer says that Network Marketing is the business of the 21st century. Thats actually true because with the modern technology, things are done online. If you have a business and its offline then you are not likely to reach as many customers compared to the one with an online business. In our 21st century you need to do things online. Not just anything, but things to pay you, things to help others.

Well social media networking is a wider thing and has a lot to earn an online entrepreneur. I call a job-Journey Of the broke.  You cant really rely on a job fully and that’s why you to need to invest for your solution when that salary from your job has not yet arrived. We do social media marketing and i can tell that its worth giving a try. Its growing faster.

That’s why i ask you why waste your time on internet. 

Online entrepreneurship is the business. You want to know how? Get in touch with me at +254708138623   or join us now.