Think Entrepreneurship

Learning is a continuous process and whether at 90 years or at 20 years we have to be learning. Where we are seated or standing right now we should be learning. So learning never ends.

We go to schools to learn. There are different types of education which includes financial education, the education at schools and professional education.


The education at schools is meant to train the brain. It’s what makes us know how to read and write. Guys who went to schools are good at thinking. The education trains the mind.


If you wanted to become a lawyer you’d go to school and study law. The same with a professional doctor, you’d ho and study medicine related course. If you wanted to become a teacher you study education. This is professional education.


Financial education they say is taught at home. This is something schools deny us. You’d be taught at school how to be the best employee,how to take and obey orders from your boss. We are never taught about money at school. How to handle our money. How best to play our cards safe with the money we get.

The world today is in the technology age but unfortunately, our education system is still in the industrial age. We live with fear. Never make mistakes. We live below our means all in the name of following the layer down systems.

When guys come out of schools all they want is a job with a good paycheck. We never think beyond a job. The sad news is that the jobs are diminishing. They are few. Our country is leading in youths unemployment rate. Think about it.

We live by as the saying goes: “go to school score good grades you’ll get a good job.” Am yet to hear parents say to their kids go to school,study hard you’ll become a great entrepreneur. As much as we need more employees,the same way we need more entrepreneurs. But unfortunately, our schools are producing more good employees.

You’ve gone from door to door seeking employment? You have your degree,your certificates for more than 5 or 6 years without a job and you’re wondering what to do? Its time to change your thinking. Its time to get rid of that “degree mentality.”

#Think Entrepreneurship