The Power of Women in Network Marketing

Over the last decade numbers of women venturing into network marketing has increased tremendously.78% of direct sellers in network marketing are women according to the Direct Selling Association (DSA). The reasons why women excel in multi-level marketing are:

Good leadership skills
They make better leaders because they have strength in communication, empathy, better perspective and a more mature approach as well as being able to think long-term.

Quick learners
Being able to learn anything concerning development of a marketer quickly leads to growth of the business at a faster level. Willingness and eagerness to learn is the reason why women are successful in multi-level marketing.

Right kind of motivation
Willing to learn and having general interest in self-improvement is of significance as a network marketer. Women who are successful in this job are driven by the willingness to develop personally as a motivation.


Being social
As a network marketer, one must be social. One has to interact with many people of different backgrounds. Those who see opportunity of bettering their lives through network marketing simply join. Women are able to attract people more easily that’s why they become more successful than men in multi-level marketing.


Women tend to be able to avoid intimidation when conversing unlike men who will want to prove they are right by bringing anger into the conversation. This manner does not yield fruit in network marketing because of the nature of such numerous men. The reason why women are more successful in network marketing is because they can avoid such scenarios when conversing with a potential member of network marketing.
Network marketing is the best way to earn extra cash as a woman because this job is flexible. It can be done anywhere, anytime at one’s own convenience. No pressure in this job. It’s the best part time job of this century.Read more here if you are a salary earner.