Achieving Financial Freedom

Are you a salary earner? I am writing this just for you! You are actually one of the lucky few people reading  this all over the world.Today,am interested in enlightening you about the various types of salaries depending on how you use it immediately you are paid. Let me give you a clear picture of the different salaries below before I let my message get home;

Storm salary

For this salary you never know how it is getting in or going.You just earn,spend,spend and spend without having a plan for the future.

Magic salary

You touch it and it disappears. This mostly occurs to those who have numerous debts that are supposed to be paid.

Amnesia salary

You can’t remember what you spent it on. Once you get your earnings,there is no asset you acquire as an investment.

Time traveling salary

You spend it paying various debts even before you collect it.This is for salary earners whose salary is automatically deducted to pay debts.

Active salary

Once you stop working,that is the end.This happens to many people and it brings financial problems as well as frustration. You never know when your boss will tell you he/she does not need your services any more.

Menstrual  salary

It comes once a month and lasts only four days.Money earned is spent so fast that for the remaining days before the next salary comes,there is hardship experience.

Onion salary

You grab it, open it and you “cry” because the amount is too little for your needs.

The last one and most beneficial one is the residual income which keeps paying you over and over and over again for a life time even after you stop being an employee of somebody. At the same time, it is not mandatory for you to be an employee to somebody because you can concentrate to online entrepreneurship and become your own boss for life. You just have to invest .


Research has it that the poorest group of people in the world are salary earners. They live in a vicious cycle of poverty managed during the salary earning interval. Salary alone cannot solve your money problems. You need multiple sources of income for a better life style.

Being a salary earner is a mentality, break it! Salary makes the earners forget their dreams. My urge therefore is to be financially intelligent,financially literate and engage in online entrepreneurship because salary dependence can bring lifetime disappointment.

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