The Life of an Entrepreneur

Maybe before i share with you how the life of an online entrepreneur looks like (Netpreneur), we are all aware of Jack Ma the Richest Chinese  and founder of Alibaba-World’s largest E-commerce platform? He says “It’s not the internet company that will win,” he goes ahead and mentions Facebook, Google, Alibaba “but those young people who are using the internet well will win. Electricity was not invented in America but we see America using electricity best. We should be feeling exited by now because we have the chance to Leverage what the Internet  provides through technology to start and grow a successful online business.

Now who is this online entrepreneur? This is a person who sees an opportunity where there seems to be some struggle some pain that you have no other choice but to comply like a JOB ( Journey Of the Broke). Most of the people in Kenya right now are now venturing into online businesses making up to 50,000 Kenya shillings on a monthly basis as most are still students then i can say they are enjoying the financial freedom the internet is providing while at the same time many people are wasting so much time on the internet using Facebook for instance to spread rumor and just causing trouble for others. Wake up Facebook was invented by Mark Zuckerberg but you can use it better and make some few dollars online.

Once you finally decide to venture into an online business look at this benefits you have the time freedom work from anywhere anytime or even your platform works for you through affiliate marketing how do you think people make money with Jumia? Do you know how the employed have trouble managing their bills? You don’t have to see the pain on their faces they feel it in heart hoping they would come across an opportunity that could transform their lives once and for all. An online entrepreneur does not hide his/her face behind a degree that was achieved after 4 years of a lot of commitment and focus yet not a guarantee of a better future? But why? To get the top do away with the pride and listen to others and learn, learn learn and never stop learning.

Do you have to wake up very early in the morning and you have children to take care of so that you can report at exactly 8:00 am at a job you hate? Then work for 8 good hours creating a fortune for some one else? I opt for a BETTER WAY because we always have a better way in this life we should stand out and become the change agents in our lives. It’s time you build your own economy and it’s not by default NO make it out your way and realize that you are only broke up to 30 years beyond that don’t think you are now starting life my friend am sorry to say this but you are POOR!